Welcome to tim-fontenot.com This site is home for landscape and nature images by Tim Fontenot, an International Award Winning native of Southwest Louisiana who has been involved in photography since 1975.

This site contains several Galleries, which contain images of specific types. These Galleries are:

South Louisiana: images of South and Southwest Louisiana, USA. These are landscapes, waterscapes, swamps, marshes, and other subjects that may be of interest to you, and some of these  locations are not readily accessible to the general public.  This site may be the only place to see and buy some of the images;

Nature:  This gallery may include images from the previous gallery, as well as wildlife, flowers, and other elements of the Natural World in which we live.  Some locations may be difficult to access.  Purchasing such rarely seen images will enhance your collection beyond measure.

Adventures: Images in this gallery were collected while traveling throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. 

Limited Editions:  Limited Edition prints from images in this gallery must be discussed with Tim Fontenot. When calling and/or texting, the image File Name and Gallery Name are necessary to for a discussion of Limited Edition Prints.

Once again, Welcome to tim-fontenot.com. It is my honor to provide images in this site for your purchase consideration. Please notice the shopping cart visible throughout the site. Prints can be purchased using this site and sent to any legitimate address provided by you. Tracking number(s) are provided, as well. Thank you for your interest and patronage.

You are appreciated.

Photography Elevated to Art

Sunset over Lake Charles